Web apps dev, APIs, payment gateways

Projects for trade and financial business sector.

Our servers based on FreeBSD OS, mySQL database engine and Apache web-server service.

20 years of experience with SQL databases (Microsoft & mySQL), stored procedures and functions, relation databases, large databases.

Building APIs via HTTP in XML and JSON.

Some of our projects:

  • web app for Amazon Europe sellers – invoicing, VAT accounting, Intrastat, Amazon MWS
  • web app – double entry bookkeeping and VAT for hundreds of SME, API to banks, government agencies etc. uctoonline.sk , cluster of accountants
  • web app high performance sql inventory online, multiple warehouses, foreign currencies, 50K+ items per company, API to online shops
  • web application for chains of local stores (stock, rent software) with connection to local hardware (external cash register via USB) using local Apache
  • e-commerce solutions
  • web app  – online transfer of emails from one account to another via IMAP, multi-language support UTF-8.

Our e-commerce solution provides connection to aggregate services like Google shopping and connection to global and local payment gateways, like PayPal, First Data London, goPay Prague, DataTrans Zurich or PostFinance Switzerland.

Here is scheme of databases structure of the project:


Each square represents one online store’s database and full online store with front-end and back-end administration.

Each global can have n children – locals. Global share products, categories, properties to local. Local can choose which products and categories wants to display and it can be customized.

Motherland is a type of Global. Customer can create online store with a click (Clone 1-n). In contrast to Global and Local, Clone does not have it’s own web-hosting directory, but shares one php code from motherland. But each clone has a separate directory for media files or custom JS/CSS. Every new clone makes a copy of blank database of it’s motherland, which is just another clone as well. Same for a demo database.

Why do we have more motherlands? Because online store in UK has some differences from online store in Switzerland, USA or Slovakia. Different currency, language, VAT and some other settings, therefore they need different blank database and demo. And also different landing site, where customers create new online stores (language, prices, description etc.)

Live examples:

www.gadgetpascher.ch  eshop.toup.sk  www.autokosmetikaprofi.cz

Every back-end contains also small stock management for small enterprises (1-5 people) and API to our big stock software (products, new order).

Paypal Business, Credit cards, Google shopping

We provide solutions for payment gateways and shopping aggregates like Google shopping or other national aggregates in respective countries and other structured data implementations.

Our current implementations:

  • Google shopping XML and structured data for products and categories
  • Google certified shop
  • Paypal Express Checkout with in-context window NVP
  • Paypal direct Credit cards API (UK, USA and Canada)
  • goPay Prague inline payment gateway JSON (best for Central Europe)
  • Datatrans Zurich Lightbox payment gateway (best for Switzerland)
  • First Data credit cards (best for Western world at all)
  • PostFinance Switzerland e-payment merchant solutions (Swiss national largest retail banking chain)

Last update: Nov 10, 2016