Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

We provide consulting on technologies like Ripple or Ethereum derivates. 

Would you like to raise investment capital via initial coin offering? Distribute actual shares of your company?

Or would you like to start truly autonomous democratic organization?

Or you perform international monetary operations and you like to free up your cash resources by using distributed ledger technology (DLT) with instant settlement, zero fees and best price on the market?

These are examples of crypto-assets and DLT – new ideas in use of modern blockchain technology. And it works already. Early adopters get significant advantage.

Thanks to cryptography and block distribution, this technology can provide trustless consensus, which means that all transactions and/or smart contracts are executed in decentralized autonomous network. Therefore trust to central authority is not required – or better said – is obsolete. Everyone sees every transaction, while at the same time it provides total anonymity, because no one can identify initiator of transaction, only initiator itself. Smart contracts are automated actions based on the pre-negotiated rules.

Simple analogy is anonymous vote in democratic parliaments – which is useful in specific cases, for example on election of certain public authorities. That vote becomes an anonymous consensus, so elected person cannot show gratitude to individual people, but have to serve the whole community equally. Same philosophy is used in general election in democratic countries or on shareholders meetings.

For the analogy of blockchain network you can imagine cells in our bodies. Human body consists of 37.2 trillion cells. DNA is blocks of data. Complete DNA is replicated in every cell. That is blockchain. Each cell can function as any cell by certain rules and your needs. That is smart contract. Each cell holds just your identity or soul, recognized within cell membrane. That is cryptography. So there is no central DNA database, nor server. And no reasonable doubt. In case your body needs some evolution changes, fix or repair, here comes epigenetics. In blockchain we call that hard fork and soft fork.

If you want to know more or have some idea how to use this in your business, feel free to contact us. Block-chain technology will turn the world upside down. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is just the start of it.


Blockchain doesn’t recognize states, nor countries, nor continents. Join the Sci-fi today.

Last update: Dec 15, 2017